Nothing like a Saturday date night at the gym!!!! Cutting starts today and as we speak im cardioing it up while I pump myself up with thug music. I'll try post my thig face while singing I'm make it rain. Haha I get bored... Nope I'm just crazy!!
I read some great information today on changing behavior and really achieving goals. First and foremost you have to have the vision (this may get cheesy) the vision so clear you can taste it, see yourself achieving it, smell it! For real.
So... I will start taking time every day to literally see myself where I want to be!!! See myself accepting the sword, the smell of spray tan, pain of walking in heels way too high, the look of washboard abs. Yep the smell of spray tan!
Next is consistency. I will post each day during the next 6 weeks about everything I'm feeling and experiencing. Habits are habits, good vs bad, the choice is yours and I will change my bad habits into good ones.
Well this is getting long and my thoughts boggled but I never felt so ready!!!

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