NG finds

Nasty Gal, new store i found and love! (shopnastygal.com)



Are we not all creators? and is not our desitination to do just that, create? To find within ourselves something that we can't keep to ourselves but have an obligation to share. To give life to something as simple as a paper, whether it be in words or a paper plane. Give movement to a song, bring someone to tears with words, move forward with thoughts created. Everything we do creates something. We are all artist, it's just a matter of foregoing the typical connotation that comes with the word artist. An artist is Michelangelo, the man who painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling, correct? no. I mean yes he was an artist but we have to unattache such pieces and people as the art and artist and broaden it to include our lifes, our creations. We create our lifes, every decision we make has an effect or in other words creates something. We are all artist and creators. Period. We find joy with in this realm of creating.
Point, never say your not creative, artistic, or talented, it's in our very nature.



Getting our apartment Oct. 15th (YAY) and playing with some ideas for decor!

Wish i could have this white couch but for now a white couch cover will  have to do! I just picked up some old school green chairs from an estate sale here in Cali, pictures of my "real life" things will have to wait until we get our apartment (the chord to download pics is packed away)

I will be rubber stamping my walls (since apartments don't let you use wallpaper)
I love this print and also the one below, I just need to find them now

Given my walls won't look this perfect with me doing it by hand but i love this look with the white couch.
And to decorate this wall I want same color as wall empty picture frames all over it (like the white on white above)