Times change

 What happened to dresses and heels? Oh how i want to bring dinner out of the oven while wearing a conservative (but with an adorable print) dress, heels, jewelry, and my apron from Anthro! They wore dresses everywhere and I LOVE it, I think i'm going to wear dresses more and even cook in them!!

Also on a side note if you have never read Martin Luther King Jr.'s letter from Birmingham City Jail, you need to! It's beautiful and has so many great quotes and ideas.  
 "We must come to see that human progress never rolls in on wheels of inevitability. It comes through the tireless efforts and persistent work of men willing to be co-workers with God, and without this hard work time itself becomes an ally of the forces of social stagnation. We must use time creatively, and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right." MLKJr.



I have so many random thoughts, ideas, and pictures! Bare with me ha ha speaking of "bare with me" Spencer and I are giving our "welcome to the ward" talk this sunday, it'll be interesting! luckily I go first and get to do the introductions for spence I both have two TOTALLY seperate stories about our dating past, needless to say mine is a little bit more sweet then his! :)  Also we have a calling, drum roll please....... CTR five, 8 boys, 0 girls! Very loud and rowdy, apple and orange slices along with crackers will be the weekly treat to help keep their mouths busy, last sunday one kid made anothers' lip bleed! After our first week can you say birth control?! kidding... kinda ;)

First off i'm partial to change and as Spence and I were laying down one night we decided we are ready for a change in decor. In this area Spencer and I could be no different, he wants the cream, burgundy or red, brown, tan, colors, like what below. This does NOTHING for me, pretty color yes but I want something that WOW's me, interesting to the eye! 
 I'm a fanatic for wallpaper! haven't lived anywhere where i can actually use it yet (rentals) but when i can, oh  man will I be in heaven. I love loud colors and prints are my favorite! Vintage with a modern twist!

So how do we compromise? i've been wondering this past weekend what we coul do, well today at Anthro I came up with an answer. Wish I had pictures of my vision but i can't find anything quite right! especially since i can't use wallpaper for it. Anways i'll give spence his cream walls, one will be covered in this amazing wood work I found and white picture frames and the other wall I will rubber stamp a light yellow design on. Also we don't have a headboard so i'm debating painting one on the wall! or making it out of plywood and material, we'll see. Of course this is all ideas i'm throwing around in that head of mine.

Ok for those who haven't seen Julie and Julia, first off go rent it, darling show! It's about a lady who starts a blog as she works her way through Julia Childs cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", she gave herself a year to make every recipe in that book, 524 recipes! As we watched it last night it left me wanting to do something such as Julie did, make my way through a cookbook! And I want to try new vegetarian recipes, for those who know me i'm not much of a cook, AT ALL! This year I really want to cook more, plus Spence is sick of our random meals i'm sure :) 

 Well I recieved this vegetarian cookbook for our wedding from my fellow Veggie lover, my cousin Talise! I'm debating making my way through this recipe book, of course adding meat everynow and again so Spencer doesn't kill me! but they have cheap, easy, and fun recipes i'd love to try! I don't know just a thought after watching the movie last night!



Wonderful dress, i love the colors and pattern! I have to admit I'm scared to try it on and fall in love because heaven knows this doesn't come cheap. It'd be perfect with a mustard colored cardigan or even a coral color to give it a splash!

Just got this skirt in at Anthro, LOVE it, love this whole outfit! isn't it amazing? so simple yet chic, and i love the mismatched patterns, it does my heart good!

If you read my before post about Flare jeans, well I tried them on and LOVE them. Be aware of buttons on hip pockets if your a bit hippy like myself they accentuate that area, also make sure there are no long pockets in the bag for that brings in the mama jean aspect, ugh. No offense to all the mom's but you kmow what I mean by that. Other then that, they are SO cute, fun, new and very flattering as long as their the correct style.

The AG Farrah is amazing for us tall ladies! and the Joe's Provocateur is an AMAZING alternative to skinny jeans for shorter gals! both at Anthro of course :)


Time for some family pics!

Finally putting up a few pictures on the blog, not just clothes and decor, though those are my loves also ;) And more pics will come... hopefully ;)

My family came to visit for Thanksgiving, Everybody! even Katie Chad and Eli!  We had so much fun, went so Sea World, made a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, Visited the beach a few times though sadly it was freezing! Despite the freezing water Spencer, Lindsey and Chad all got in the Ocean to go boogie boarding, and they even swam right next to a dolphin! For us spectators on the sand we freaked out, thinking it might be a shark (especially katie) it was hilarious and for them worth the cold to be able to see such a thing!

For family night spence and I made gingerbread houses, as you can see only a picture of  his is up, mine went to the dumpster! after hours of cooking and preparing we butchered everything and our houses wouldn't even stand, well except spence somehow managed to get his to stay up but mine kept falling so the perfectionist in me got frustrated and threw it away so i wouldn't have to look at it! ha ha good times!

Snmall glimpse of my painted wall in our rental home, i found a rubber stamp and used that since wall paper is a NO-NO in rentals! we are still in the process of finishing decorating!

Also for Christmas Spencer, Me and  his parents went to the Light boat show in SD, it was fun to see all the decorated boats and the music playing! Not use to seeing boats with lights just trolling through the water instead of driving in a car with the heater on looking at lights on houses covered with snow! Definitly a different christmas with out the snow and all the family parties but hey it was fun!
To feel something is your right;

to pass it on, your obligation  (theanthropologist.net)

Flare back in? ahh at first I was terrified, my thighs in flare? please no! but I have to admit the high waist is a love of mine and as i continue to look over the new trends my views are starting to change! Going in early to work, at Anthropologie (where the above photos were found), and i'm going to try me some flare jeans, the Farrah! wish me luck ;)