Biggest fan

I'm entirely grateful for the support the man gives me! He picks me up when im down on myself and truly believes in me! I love this kid, he's my everything!


Little cardio this week really giving it my all before I start cutting!



Pulled muscle ugh!!!!! Nevertheless....
Db flyes 20. 12-3
Tri db ext 25. 12-3
Bent over lat raise db 10 15-3

Smith shoulder press 60 12-3
Oblique crunch 15-3

Smith chest throw 50 12-3

Pulley lat raise 10 12-3
Pulley tri ext 70 12-3

Arnold db press 10 15-3
Front lat raise 10 12-3
Side lat raise 10 12-3

Hanging ab crunch 15

Last week to build, postponing cutting regimen until next week 6 weeks out
7 more weeks until my show! I can't wait! Pray this shoulder heals!!!



Muscles take forever... I want them now!!! Oh what has this world done to me, everything at the click of a button! I want to hit "purchase" and have my six pack rushed to me with two day delivery!



It's my rest day so I'll keep it simple with cardio and AB! That'll be all folks. It's the weekend and I have to stay strong with my diet, remind myself abs are made in the kitchen not in a bag of twizzlers at the movies haha


Get er done

It's better to go light with perfect form then heavy with bad form, and this couldn't be even more true when it comes to your back. It's hard to feel those muscles and truly work them so you definitely want to go lighter do you can trigger the proper muscles.

Wide grip pull down 52.5 15-3

Upright row 60 15-3
Db bicep curl 15 12-3

1 arm db row 20 15-3
Tricep ext 20 15-3

Close grip pull down 60 15-3

35 min stair master, again killed me!!! But felt amazing!

My back is getting there!


Cho love!

Cho=carbs! It was my high cho day for my most grueling workout, legs! I love legs but those days truly kick my trash.

Super low back squats 80 12-3
1 leg leg deadlifts 30 12-3

Smith stationary lunge 50 12-3

Close leg press 50 15-3

20 min stair master

Tomorrow is back, bi's, and calves mmmm I can't wait!!! Off to bed... In thirty minutes!


I'm having a good time

It's lyrics to a song that just popped into my head haha shoulders today, I was nervous due to pulling my shoulder last week but postponing my shoulder day worked for the best! It didn't bother me near as bad.

Smith shoulder press 50 12-3

Smith chest press 50/40 15-3

Bent over shoulder raise 10 12-3
Db chest fly 15 12-3

1-arm raise 10 15-3

Chest press 45/60 15-3

Arnold db press 15 12-3

Lateral raise 10 12-3
Front raise 10 12-3
Tri extension 15/20 12-2

Tricep push 60 12-2

45 min stair master! Kicked my trash! Going to start adding 2 a days twice a week since I'm 8 weeks out and a little thicker then I need to be at this point.
So I'm pretty much a hermit when I go into the gym, iPod in and loud enough that it drowns out all chance for convo, I'm in the zone and focused! Today one of the trainers was trying to get my attn and finally did. I took out my headphone and he asked "are you a personal trainer or play a college sport? I see you in here everyday and your truly inspiring, your work outs are intense and I always feel I need to step it up a notch when I see you" ah shucks thank you! Just the motivation I needed this week to keep giving it my all!!!! Thanks feroz (like Ferrari and wizard of oz) that's what he told me! Haha



Leg day! I declare Saturday the worst day, so crowded at the gym!!! Oh well I wasn't there long but I did work hard the forty minutes I was.
Low back squats 95. 12-3
Deadlifts 60 15-3

Leg press 90 15-3
Calf raises 90 20-3

Leg curl 75-95-105 4x 15r

Quick but effective! Now don't mind if I eat my egg white sandwich with a bit more carb & a little cheese! Mmmm


Successful shoulder

Great day with shoulders and a run on the beach!
Tried a new shoulder work out and it was absolutely fantastic!!! Shoulder days are my favorite.
See I'm getting there, now I really need to cut so that muscle will pop ;)



Hate unplanned cheat meals! The worst! Haha but I think my body needed the crash course of carbs to rev up the metabolism. Watched some fitness routines tonight and feeling extremely motivated, wish I could go to the gym at 430 again but I have to stick to my rest days so I don't run myself dry! I definitely will be running at 4pm though and I can't wait! Really!

This is my motivation


Oksana grishina= INSPIRING!
This lady is amazing and a true inspiration of strength!
Most people think I'm doing this to "lose weight" I mean isn't that the first thing you think of when someone is following an eating plan and working out daily? What I love most is that losing weight is not my goal and honestly I haven't been on a scale in months, LOVE IT! I'm doing all this to gain strength, muscle, and above all else to lead a very active & healthy life until the day I die at age 105! I will be hiking and backpacking the day I die, go to sleep and wake up on the other side! Until then I will be that inspiration of health and wellness not just for my benefit but for my future family as well, an example for my kids! Never will I say I can't due to something being to hard, I will and I can.... This is my motivation.
Moving on :) today was back and biceps, my double B's!

Upright row 75 15r-3s

Barbell bent over row 60 15r-3s
Barbell bicep curl 45 12r-3s

1 arm db row 20 15r-3s
Tricep ext 20 20r-3s

Close grip pull down 60 15r-3s

Bench an circuit
20 min stair master

Great workout! Looking forward to sleeping in until six tomorrow though if you must l know! Off to the shower then work!


Lower love

Legs burning, love it!!! Lower body and moderate cardio on a bike. It's amazing the difference in waking up at 4:30 vs 5 am, more traffic coming home just a half hour later!
Close leg smith squats 120 12r-3s
Bulgarian split squat smith 70 12r-3s
Leg extension 135 12r-3s
Lying leg curl 70 12r-3s
Leg press 140 20r-3s
Calf extension 149 29r-3s
Cardio 20 min-bike

Debating a run to the beach, but for now off to cook breakfast for my lover boy & his brother!
Someday I will have these legs! Huge I know, but so cut and can you imagine the power behind these things!



4:30 alarm rings and guess who was up?! Yeah me! Shoulders, chest, and a little tricep with 20 minute stairmaster! I may be sweating to death but I've never felt more alive!!!


Sunday funday

For my lovely day of rest I will be taking care of my soul, in all ways! :) church, pre-cooking all my meals for the week, a little but of study, and maybe end with a walk on the beach! These two days of rest were hard, I really wanted to go running this morning since I didn't workout yesterday.
Feeling motivated for an awesome week at the gym though! I'm starting my cutting regimen which means a lot of high intensity and sweating, oh how I can't wait!
Now here comes my breakfast of champions, egg white omelette with turkey bacon and veggies mmmmm!



"do you have to be pretty to be a Mormon?, everyone I met that's mormon is beautiful" haha just got asked that by one of my employees! What sweetie and yea in case you didn't know LDS requires beauty as it's pre requisite ;) totally kidding but hey I'll take the compliment!

New hobbie

I haven't posted in mOnths!!! Well I picked up a new hobby and am posting all about it strictly to keep me going, they say blogging is an online journal so that's what this will be! To many this will be boring but as stated before its strictly to keep me going.
So what's my new hobby? NPC competing! Can't figure out how to post a pic through the iPhone so more to come later.

I'm 9 weeks out from my second Npc bikini division show and have been struggling with motivation this week, I'm taking today and tomorrow totally off from the gym (though Sunday are my natural rest day anyway) and recouping to really hit it hard the next 9 weeks. For many that sounds forever away but I have so much to do, holiday sort if cramped my style and I really want to place this competition, nĂºmero UNO! :)

This past week I've slept through my alarm and I can't do that anymore, it's so much easier training while everyone is sleeping which means getting up at 4:30 am. No more sleeping in, early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise!
March 17th here I come! And below is what NPC bikini competition is like. My final destination will be figure, just need to put that muscle on!