A few shoes I LOVE!!! and yes most are boots, I could wear them everyday if the outfit permits!


more inspiration

This would make a simply gorgeous wedding dress!

Love her outfit, suspenders anyone? :)
classy and beautiful
Loving this handbag
just picture, black sheer tights, copper brown ankle boots and black or white jacket, and has to be vintage like
Oh it's just my favorite style icon again!
leather leggings please and the jacket is so awesome

never would think of socks with wedges but her  outfit is smashing and her hair with the melted blonde ends is divine!
I want her jeans! and LOVE her hair

I want her hat and to have a picnic with old dresses, a wicker basket full of crackers and cheese, and cold iced tea

shoes, awesome. jacket Love it, dress wonderful, wanting her clutch... oh and can i have her legs please