All Grown Up

Firsts Spence and I have experienced the past 3 weeks....

1.  Grocery shopping together... Yes we had never been officially grocery shopping, list, budget and all
2. Teaching Spence how to start the dishwasher
3. screaming at each other and not having to worry whose outside our bedroom door.... ha ha ok we actually haven't done this one but hey it's nice to know if it does happen we won't have to worry!
4. Waking up with out a "hey spencer, you up?" from his parentals
5. knowing NO ONE is going to just walk in... if you know what I mean ;) haha

Yes we've been married a year and a half and have not done these things, it's time for us to grow up, spread our wings and fly!! and boy we're we ready!!!!!
 We are now living in La Jolla, for those who don't know where that is basically we can throw a rock and it'll just about land on the beach.... but only if I'm throwing it. We LOVE it, California has now captured our hearts and as far as we know we are here to stay for the long haul!

One of the many projects i'm up to today, I drew this up on floorplanner.com to get a better idea for color scheme
Life is wonderful, crazy, and so much fun!! I pretend we've grown up but we are two goofy people!!   Today is my first saturday off in a LONG time, sadly spence is at work so I decided to jump into decorating/organizing our place. All our furniture was free, thanks to the fabulous Darlene, though it isn't our first choice I like the character it brings and don't worry I'll be ruining things here in a bit trying to renovate anyway.  So now that my floorplan is put together i'll be playing with color scheme for paint! I'm absolutely HORRIBLE with taking pictures, but i'm really going to TRY do before/after! LOVE YOU ALL  Kisses Muah......